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Annual Report


2016 Highlights


young people

received support from Fundația Danis, through internship or entrepreneurship education programmes.

would-be or young entrepreneurs

were involved in entrepreneurship education or business coaching programmes.


of business coaching were provided to would-be or young entrepreneurs.


were provided as financial support or fellowships to 33 young people, investing in their education, or in the development of their entrepreneurship competencies.


from Romanian companies joined our entrepreneurship and social responsibility projects.

NGOs professionals

from 9 European countries learned how to use storytelling for organizational development.


Through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs international coaching exchanges, we bring extraordinary people and meaningful business experiences in the lives of young entrepreneurs.


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchanges

organized by Fundatia Danis, in 2016.


provided as financial allowances to the Romanian young entrepreneurs travelling abroad

„Inspire me!” – this is what Ștefana Chivoiu, a Romanian young entrepreneur, asked her host – Peter Grech, from Malta.  Ștefana spent four months, in Malta, learning how to develop her business on e-commerce.


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchanges

organized by Fundatia Danis, since 2012.

“27 degrees, measured on a Celsius scale. The high of the month, in Stockholm. Not a single one of those degrees thrilled me more than the fact that at 27 years, measured on a life scale, I could have my own business. The high of my ambition. My start-up. It begins on the bottom of my business plan. On the top of Europe. Guided by my host entrepreneur. Before the training period will end, I will have applied for European funding. For now I know precisely how I want my business to look like.” (Lucian Talpeș)

In 2016, Lucian Talpeș, a Romanian young entrepreneur, interested in developing a business in storytelling, spent six months in Sweden and learned how to develop his business from Mary Lee Copeland, an experienced business woman from Sweden.

In 2016, trusted local partners joined us in co-financing the project. Many thanks to:


The exchanges took place within “Entrepreneurs’ Mobility” project (, which was leaded by Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo” (Italy), and co-financed by European Commission.

Through yourKITE project (The initiative to enhance Young people Knowledge and skills on IT and Entrepreneurship and increase their Employability) we developed communication and digital media skills and entrepreneurship knowledge and competences of young people, while promoting volunteering and professional orientation among youth, in order to increase their employability.


young youth workers

were trained to develop workshops for youth, on entrepreneurship, media and communication, volunteering and career counselling.

young people

participated in the workshops organized by the 6 Romanian youth workers trained through yourKITE project.

NGOs workers

were trained in entrepreneurship, by Fundatia Danis and its partners.

In 2016, we developed several educational tools that can be used by young trainers in delivering workshops on topics, such as entrepreneurship, communication, digital media and volunteering.

Check here the YourKITE toolkit for young trainers and the online learning platform.

During a short-term joint staff training organized in Cluj-Napoca in January 2016, we trained 12 NGO workers from Norway, Poland and Romania on how to use entrepreneurship education tools when working with youth.

In september 2016, we organized, in Romania, a transnational training for 18 young youth workers from Norway, Poland and Romania. During the training, the youth workers learned how to provide workshops on entrepreneurship, media and communication, volunteering and career counselling for young people. After the training, the six Romanian participants delivered workshops for other 106 young people from Romania.

Here is Andrei, one of the participants in the training, talking about his yourKITE experience through the training:

The project is co-funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ Programme. Fundatia Danis’ partners in the project are: Norsensus Mediaforum (Oslo, Norway), Fundacja Rozwoju Wolontariatu (Lublin, Poland), Fundacja Rozwoju Spoleczenstwa Informacyjnego (Warsaw, Poland).



did an internship in 2016, through Internship Cluj Programme.


joined, as partners, Internship Cluj 2016.


participated in Internship Cluj programme, since 2006.

Internship Cluj is organized twice per year, during spring and autumn, being adapted to the academic year structure. These are six-week or 12-week internships, during which students work 20 hours per week, testing the knowledge they acquired in school, and developing their work skills for future jobs.

Some of the students that enrolled in the Internship Cluj contest for selfies with colleagues and mentors.

„This internship was the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. It was my first working place; at the beginning, I was anxious, being afraid of all the unknown things I had to do and people I had to meet, but I learned that any obstacle can be overcome if beautiful, helpful and sincere people are there to help you… and the only thing I could provide in return to them was the time spent in the company, a job well done and the most honest smile as a thank you!” (Andreea, one of the students participating in Internship Cluj, Autumn 2016 edition)

Our 2016 partners were Business Students Association (co-organizer), Cluj-Napoca Municipality, Danis Consulting, “Babeș-Bolyai” University, Technical University from Cluj-Napoca, The College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, and The College of Business.

The internships were provided by the following 18 companies:



young people from Romania

accessed the I SEE YOU online social entrepreneurship training.

young people from Romania

were awarded I SEE YOU certificates for completing the online training.

In 2016, we provided to young people from Romania the I SEE YOU online entrepreneurship training and the I SEE YOU computer business game – Unlock Social Enterprise, both focused on developing entrepreneurship competencies, such as critical thinking, willingness to explore, ability to prioritize, ability to take initiative, and ability to take decisions.

49 young people enrolled for the online training courses and 11 of them received the I SEE YOU certificates for completing the course. All the materials are open and free to use by other organizations, institutions or youth workers.

The I SEE YOU project received the local support of valuable partners: “A Warm Meal” project, Civitas Foundation for Civil Society, Cluj Community Foundation, Foundation for Youth Involvement, LADO Cluj, Media Partners, New Horizons Foundation, Phoenix Post-secondary Studies Institute, Simplon, The Business Students Association, and The College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences. The partners participated in a stakeholder event to learn more about the I SEE YOU resources, in Cluj-Napoca, in May 2016.

I SEE YOU project ended with a final conference in Bratislava, in October 2016, in which relevant stakeholders – youth organizations, business angels, NGOs, public institutions and young people enrolled in the I SEE YOU online training – participated to share their experience in promoting entrepreneurship for youth.

The project was co-financed by European Commission, within Erasmus+ Programme and Fundatia Danis’ partners in this project were: FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences (Austria), WestBIC – Business and Innovation Centre (Ireland), Programma Integra (Italy), Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (Slovakia), Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain), Unión de Profesionales y Trabajadores Autónomos (Spain), Totem Learning Ltd (UK).

Story-down walls!

Training course


youth workers

from nine European countries learned how to use storytelling for organizational development.

Fundatia Danis supported 23 youth workers from nine European countries to be initiated in connecting the art of storytelling with organizational development.

The training course, organized by Norsensus Mediaforum from Norway and Fundatia Danis, took place in Cluj-Napoca, at the end of November 2016. The event brought together youth workers from Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

Check the whole story of the workshop and the stories developed by the youth workers, like the ones bellow, on the Story-down walls! blog.

I am working with thousands of teachers and children, and each one of them is a story meant to be heard. It is a story about how education can change Romania in a country you want to live in, it is a story about how each citizen should fight for the common good. This training helped me a lot in how to tell the stories of this amazing heroes that I work with every day. (Livia, participant in the training)

Read the whole story here.

The project was co-funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ Programme.

Other Projects

Health, out of generosity

With the support of Electrogrup, the funder of the project, 1200 people, from 15 medical institutions from Cluj, had daily access to Internet and television. This was the eighth edition of the project, and the last one.

Scholarships for young people

We invested in the education and professional development of the young people by offering 8 scholarships worth over €4,000. The scholarships covered tuition costs or other costs related to students’ extra-curricular activities.

Consultancy activities

We continued the collaboration with the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences (“Babeș-Bolyai” University), offering consultancy for the organization of  FSPACTalk events from 2016. Also, we hosted an intern student from Hosei University, Japan, through the partnership signed with FSPAC.

Support for EMBA program

We supported the EMBA University of Hull (Executive Master of Business Administration) of „Babeș-Bolyai” University with a sponsorship of €26500. The funds were used for the general development of the program.

Special Events

Swimathon 2016



supported Fundatia Danis campaign – Entrepreneurs who change Romania.

individual donors

supported with money Fundatia Danis campaign at Swimathon 2016.


were raised with the help of the swimmers and donors.

Through our campaign Entrepreneurs who change Romania for Swimathon 2016, organized by Cluj Community Foundation, we got together 11 swimmers-fundraisers and 154 individual donors. Their effort resulted in €3400, which is used as community contribution to the project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, and a lot of awareness around the importance of the entrepreneurship for our community.

Many thanks to everyone for the great support, and especially to our swimmers: Sanda Anca, Irina Bădescu, Ionuț Chira, Marius Conțiu, Daniel Cornea, Andreea de Graaf, Dan Ionescu, Vlad Ionescu, Iulia Jianu, Attila Kalman și Mircea Miheștean.

Wine and business tasting

At the end of the year, we brought together successful and experienced entrepreneurs, and new or would-be entrepreneurs within a wine tasting event. Through stories shared with everyone or through networking talks over a glass of wine, the experienced businessmen shared their success “secrets”, while the new entrepreneurs shared their plans and dreams.

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